Syntax Guide

Syntax Guide

When editing blocks it is good to know the 'syntax' for formatting the text. The helper buttons at the top of the block should help you in most cases, but this guide explains the syntax and how to edit blocks.


To make headings you simply place a hash at the beginning of the text.

# Primary Heading
## Secondary Heading
### Tertiary Heading

Bold and Italics

You can get bold and italic text by wrapping the text with a single or double asterisk.

For bold wrap the text with two asterisks **like this**
For italic wrap the text with one asterisk *like this*


Links can be done in two ways, either by using square brackets then round brackets, or by just using angle brackets (the simplest way).

If you use angle brackets, emails will be automatically converted to "mailto:" links and will be 'spammer-safe'.

[Click here](/the/path/to-my-page)


You can make un-ordered lists and ordered lists by simply.

- List item one
- List item two
- List item three
1. Ordered list item one
2. Ordered list item two
3. Ordered list item three

Special characters

You might need to get characters like hashes and asterisks which normally would be used for formatting. If so you simply place a back-slash before the character to prevent the Markdown working.

\# This is a real hash
\* This is a real asterisk

New lines instead of paragraphs

Pressing return at the end of the line normally doesn't create a line break and two line breaks creates a paragraph. So to get a single line break simply add two spaces to the end of the text.

The quick brown fox  
jumped over the lazy hen


Tables can be made by drawing them with hyphens and underscores. Ideally you should ask your designer or developer to make a table for you in the templates view, but should you need to make a table inside a block you can do the following.

Table Header One   |    Header Two
My cell            | My second cell
My third cell      | My fourth cell
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